Dear Diary | 3 Nov, 2017 | The one where Life’s good! It’s goo-OOOD!

Dear Diary

Blogging has helped in a lot of ways! It not only helps me track bits of my life but also lets me meet and converse  with so many people. It’s only been a month since I started blogging consistently and a slightly more than that since I started blogging about books. I’ve made bookish friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and of course Goodreads! And I absolutely love the conversations we have. New people – New books! New books – New people! 😀
I also appreciate how everyone makes an effort to understand my health and what people with auto-immunity tend to go through. So yeah! here’s to blogging and new people 🙂


10.47 AM – Good morning! Today is definitely going to be a resting day. However, I do plan on working more, studying and reading. But let’s see. Body needs to feel better first.

11.58 AM – I’m trying weekly vlogging again! I’ll edit the clips tomorrow and see if they’re any better than before. But even if I do upload them, those will be completely different from my diary entries. Do you think that’s a good idea or should I take one step at a time?

In between – as predicted yesterday, I am too exhausted and body’s going to take time. But I do have a meeting today so I’m just going to rest till then and then try to rest when I’m back too. I wasn’t able to hold my book for too long so I don’t think I’ll be able to read a lot today unless the tinkerbell in me awakens and I come up with a smart way!

In between (again)  Rested my way to glory. Got ready nice and slow, spent time with Mr. Doughnut and worked a little. Then left to meet somebody!



Interesting conversations. Exploring the bookish world. New projects to work on. More productivity. Happy life!

8.00 PM – back home. Quite tired and need to lie down because scoliosis isn’t a pleasant thing to have! I might read soon or not, haven’t decided yet

10.29 PM – had to rest. Couldn’t do much. I’ll work out a little and hopefully will be able to wake up early tomorrow and a little fresh!

work out was pretty refreshing, surprisingly!



Okay. Goodnight now!

Random Thought: Life’s good. It’s Gooo-OOOOD! (You’re a really cool person if you guessed the movie reference!!) 

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