Dear Diary | 2nd Nov, 2017 | A weird human was born today, and I call her my best friend :)

Dear Diary

I’d like to dedicate today’s post to one of the best humans I befriended in my life. You have already met her when she came over to my place to help me clean and organise my room, and now we’ve decided to make a ritual out of it.

Happy Birthday, Pragya!

We met, sort of accidentally, in school and I’m quite glad that we did. I barely have any memory left of my childhood but I do remember the fact that for some reason our school buses weren’t in service and you had to manage a way to go back home. That’s when I offered you to come over because you lived close by.
And you, being the frank and un-filtered human you are, shared everything there was about you! And that’s it, we became friends! Easy life!
And you practically lived with me back then which was fun!
We spoke non-stop, laughed, fought, screamed at each other, sulked together, studied together and what not. And now we do grown up things together like cleaning my room! 😀
Honestly, did you ever think I’ll grow up to be someone who liked tidying things up? ANd did I ever imagine you as a lawer? So we’ve practically grown up with each other.

We did have a time when we fought, and didn’t speak for a whole year. The farthest we’ve gone without bugging each other. And then when you called, things went back to normal in a second.  Easy life!

And you’ve understood me like no one has and before anyone could. People couldn’t, and still don’t, understand our friendship but oh well, like we care!

I don’t think I have anyone whom I can call after midnight, just to tell that I’m hungry and not sure what to do and one conversation after another we’ll start talking about Aliens and NASA! Or I don’t think I have anyone, who without thinking about the fact that you’re almost an hour away from me, would come over just to help me with my room, or to bake, or to spend time with Doughnut, or when you hear my voice all shaky and with a “somethings-not-right” tone!
So on this birthday, I might not have been able to do anything special for you even though you deserve it, but I do want you to know that you’re appreciated, loved and quite special! And you’re not allowed to have a more important human than me! Peace! XD

Run the world, woman!

Happy birthday :*



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