Dear Diary | 1 Nov, 2017 | The one where I learnt that Fatigue is common in us!

Dear Diary

Happy new month!

I honestly didn’t know how else to start this Diary entry 🙈

6.30 AM – Mr. Doughnut was feeling cold and so he woke me up to let him get on the bed. I didn’t realise I slept with all the books and laptop right next to me. So I cleared it however much I could and tried making Doughie warm enough for him to sleep nicely.

11.00 AM – Wow. Is it humanly possible to be more tired. Well, yes. Meet me!

So I finished reading A Bitter Rain by James D. Shipman. And I’m just going through a lot of emotions – relief, anger, I was frustrated, I was sobbing. It was a complete experience. I will have a review of it soon.

3.28 PM – I really wanted to film videos for YouTube today but I’m still low on energy and can’t really talk for long. Bleh!
But, I have other things to do too so life’s good. Mr. Doughnut has been in a mischievous mood today, so I took him out to play and now he’s quite tired and ready for a good nap.

3.40 PM – I think I’m also quite tired and ready for a good nap 🙈 I’ve been nauseous since morning so I haven’t really eaten much today after breakfast but mom’s making me some yum gluten free crepes, so let’s hope my body accepts that!

3.53 PM – Am I the only one who wants to have a physical books collection but ends up buying e-books because the amount of offers Amazon has!!!

4.33 PM – My friend, Apurva and I had decided on buddy reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards and I think I’ll start reading it now! Since I already have started quite a few other books too, I’ll continue reading Flawed by Cecelia Ahern and Battling Injustice by Supriya Vani (along with it)

6.33 PM – Body won’t cooperate. Is hibernating an option for me? 🙄

10.12 PM – You know it’s getting nuts when you search “Is fatigue common in autoimmunity?” online!
If you have an autoimmune condition, the days of sleeping peacefully and waking refreshed may seem like a distant dream.  Fatigue is one of the most common patient complaints; unfortunately, it’s also one of the most non-specific.  It can represent a multitude of problems, from simply being sleep deprived (though this is technically referred to as “drowsiness”, as fatigue means a lack of energy and motivation) to potentially life-threatening conditions, and just about anything in between.
Well, at least it’s common! *sigh*

It’s time to write my thoughts on A Bitter Rain by James D. Shipman. But I’ll rest for sometime now.

12.45 AM – Here’s my review 

Also, if you want to understand me and my condition better – read this!




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