Dear Diary |31 Oct, 2017 |Just weak.

Dear Diary

It’s 9:56 PM as I write this to you.
I still haven’t fully recovered so yes, another not-so-good day. Today, along with all the body pain and mood swings I’m also extra sensitive to noise and light and I’m extra sleepy! I wouldn’t be surprised if I sleep while standing …

… Zzzz

Did I doze off again? Oh!

So obviously, music didn’t come to rescue but thankfully reading did.
And that’s why I dedicated the entire day to finish reading A Bitter Rain by James D. Shipman (What a book!) and I’m left with only a few chapters. It’s quite an emotional book, and somethings aren’t that easy to read. Apart from this, I’ve started working on my Masterclass assignment  and have also been going in and out of the studio to check on my work.

I did muster some courage to go out to the garden alone (Remember the snakes?) because Doughnut really wanted to just be outside and enjoy the weather. So that happened!

And that’s about it. I honestly don’t have much energy in me to even think at this moment, but I did promise a daily blog and since I’ve received messages asking about it I didn’t want to let down 🙂

Now, I’m going to get a cup of tea and just read in bed and doze off.

Smile! 😀



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