Dear Diary | 30 Oct, 2017 | The one where I started my Masterclass!

Dear Diary

I’m even more excited about winters now. I’m hoping my friend comes over this weekend to help me organise rest of the room 🙈 it’s her birthday on the 2nd so I’ll rest my body to be able to be there for it!

I woke up around 6.40 AM but because my eye lids were really heavy and hurting, I kept them closed till about now, 10.26 AM. Dozing in and out through out. So now I’m going to get myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast, and read for sometime. I hope I can, unlike yesterday, because my mood’s still all over the place.

But it’s a beautiful day outside today!

12.20 PM – This book! I’m only on chapter 3 but it’s just so gripping!
I’ve read quite a few books based during the World War and despite it being one of the most difficult things for me to read, it’s also what I feel most drawn to. I might just pause the other books I’ve been reading and continue with this through out the day. Although, I will continue Battling Injustice a personality a day.
Sadly, I’ll have to pause reading for now and do some other things.
My online Master class is soon to begin today so need to prepare for that now too.
But this book! ❤️


In between – Because I wanted to have a cleaner environment before starting with the classes or anything else, I decided to clean my room as much as I can on my own. And I didn’t do a bad job! Still a lot of things to handle, organise and giveaway but yeah. Reminder to self- get one of those stick to the doors hook so I can hang my bags and whatever I conveniently need. Otherwise this is the mess it makes:

Let’s get some lunch, feed Mr. Doughnut, take him out and then let’s get down to some studying!

3.44 PM – Before I start studying, I need to finish some work and send it across to some people. So I have Netflix on and now I’m working my way to glory!

 Oh and I finally finished my sketch!! 

It’s 10.24 PM now as I edit and write this. After dinner and our walk, I gave a nice warm bath to Mr. Doughnut before it gets too cold to. And he’s fast asleep now, tugged in his blanket. I’m beyond exhausted and hence I’m ending this soon.
However, before sleeping I’ll finish up some work  and then read a little.
Body’s going to give me a tough time sleeping now anyway. Might as well utilise it and do whatever I can!




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