Dear Diary | 28 Oct, 2017 | The one where I read a lot!

Dear Diary

I had a really good day today! Despite not being able to do much activities, I managed to make it worth while and productive!
I also wanted you to know how happy it makes me to receive messages from people who read this! It’s also been helping me keep a track on and document my days, which otherwise get forgotten. Well, because poor memory! So Yay!

7.45 AM – Good morning! Wake-up early-in-the-morning mission successful! (let’s hope I stay up)

8.34 AM – Early morning read!

10.14 AM – Been reading since! Everything’s pretty peaceful, birds and nature at their best! And after finishing the chapter on Malala, I continued reading Flawed from where I last left it. It is getting interesting now. Still very different from the usual Cecelia Ahern books but quite interesting. Also, I’m sitting with my pooch and reading! Say hi to the sleeping cutie!

11.08 AM – Took my baby pooch out!
No, no I’m worried there will be snakes but I know how much he’s been missing it. Plus mom and others were around, so! Opportunity called! And now he’s happy and asleep and I’ll get back to reading ❤️ Also, after finishing a couple of chapters in Flawed, I’m now continuing with Miss Laila Armed and Dangerous by Manu Joseph and man is this book strong and opinionated! Really interesting so far.

12.31 PM – Had such a great reading time after so long! Let’s hope my brain remembers this feeling and I stick to waking up soon.
I’ve read about 48-60 pages in all the three books I’ve started. But now I’m going to work a little, eat, watch some YouTube and stuff and then start a new book that I’ve mentioned in yesterday‘s video!

Ohhh also! Have to make time to watch Stranger things!! I think I’ll watch that on Sunday.

1.51 PM – Did some work. Watched quite a few YouTube videos! And now I’ll just get back to reading and work more after lunch.
I really enjoy watching reading vlogs and so many book tubers are doing it so well!

In between – Mom and I did a photoshoot for bags because new designs were ready! I have to edit the images and then work on them.

3.42 – Going to work some more and then read!
Also, one of the many perks of working from home is that I often get to do some facial and hair care and I love using natural plant based things! I do get a lot of hair related questions because it’s quite long. But I might just do a separate blog on that! What do you think?

In between – Talked about my current reads on Instagram stories! And then spent some time with mother dearest.

5.41 PM – Did some work. Will read another chapter from Battling Injustice and then start with A Bitter Rain. I’m so excited!! I love historical fiction and I’ll be reading one after a very long time!!

I just wish History wasn’t taught in schools the way it is. It only creates hatred and misconceptions due to the approach it takes. Instead, it should have an approach that makes people realise the mistakes that were made and shouldn’t be repeated. That’s why history is so important. Also, to create a room for respect and knowledge not ignorance.

In between – Sitting with the family and chilling. Will head to my room soon and call it a day!

It’s 10.30 PM now, still sitting with the family editing this blog while they watch a very frustrating movie! I want to sleep early and continue with the mission, so I’ll go to my room soon and read A Bitter Rain a little because I do want to submit its review soon.


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