Dear Diary | 27 Oct, 2017 | The one with a book haul and a boring-ish day!

Dear Diary

Today, I’m beyond exhausted. And you’re in for a monotonous day.

9.33 AM – 


10.00 AM – Did some work, emails, checked on samples and then rested again.

11.29 AM – Editing yesterday’s video and hopefully will upload it tonight!

12.47 PM – Been multitasking between work and editing the video and the latter is finally done. It’s a little different video for me, because I’m not as guarded/conscious as I usually am in front of the camera. But I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not! So let’s see.
Also, today isn’t an easy day for me. My body’s too low on energy and I’ve been fighting away sleep ever since I woke up.

2017-10-27 15.10.40.jpg

2.36 PM – Body’s not feeling up to it so I’ll just have a cup of tea, get in bed and try to sleep.

6.13 PM – Oh the effort it takes to open my eyes.
So I’ve been feeling awful because I haven’t been able to take Doughie out to play and today I really really wanted to. So I just came upstairs to the terrace and brought him with me. I can’t stand for long, let alone run so I was just throwing around some treats and toys for him to fetch and play with. And now we’re just sitting here enjoying some autumn breeze.
I’m still scared about the snake incident that happened so I don’t take him out to the garden that often, specially alone.

In between – Been trying to upload my video on youtube but my laptop won’t work!!

8.15 PM – I am annoyed. It still won’t upload. Annoyed. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

8.57 PM – Finally!! Uploaded! I’ll make it public in sometime ^_^

9.07 PM – I’m a cribbing human today. My body and mood didn’t take yesterday’s exertion too well so everything’s just bleh. So I’m going to get some feel-good food 🍲.

Here’s my new vlog for Youtube! :

It’s 10.42 PM now and I’m editing this blog. Tonight, I’m going to keep it short because It’s been one of those really difficult days. Although, I am feeling better after dinner but I’m still functioning on low energy. Also, I really want to get some reading done now because I couldn’t during the day. Let’s hope to start tomorrow feeling fresh and energetic!
To all those people for whom exhaustion isn’t just a mood or a casually used word – I know it’s annoying and difficult but see we did it! Another day, a new beginning, chapter 8401 and counting! 


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