Dear Diary | 26 Oct, 2017 | The one with Kavya, Spriha, Pia, Joey and Doughie / Games and a lot of screaming.

Dear Diary 

Sometimes, life is just a crazy bunch of humans commonly known as Friends. And then I also have my baby pooch, Mr. Doughnut. SO my life is amazing shiz!


12.00 AM – Reading!


10.19 AM – I wanted to wake up soon but evidently that didn’t happen, although I’m determined to get back to my routine! So nice and slow, I shall succeed. I just went over to my studio and checked on some work.
Now, I’m going to get ready and film two videos first and then continue with other work. Other work includes: checking on my shoe designs and material, read books that I have to review and continue with what I’m reading already, more studio work, edit bag images clicked yesterday and let everyone know that it’s coming soon! Let’s hope my body cooperates today!

12.34 AM – All required devices, including camera, are on charging. So I’ll just read till then and then film a video after lunch because that’s when it’ll be quiet too.

In between – I misplaced my phone again!! In my defence, I was never someone who’d spent too much time on my phone so I normally don’t keep it with me all the time. But now, since I’ve started being active on social media, I do require it all the time. So I’m learning, I’m leaning!

I got ready to film my video, but had to get a lot of work done before that. But I’ll definitely film it before I lose out on the natural light. Also, I think i’ll be able to one video today instead of two.

Say hi to this face, ready to film her new video! 


4.46 PM – and it’s done! Again after a lot of takes but it’s done! I’ll edit it soon and see how I like it before deciding whether or not I want to upload it tonight. I’m going to rest for some time now. My vocal chords and head aren’t in a happy place at the moment, because of all the talking. And if I feel better, I’ll just get in bed and read!

Oh and I made some progress in yesterday‘s sketch!

In between – Rested for sometime and spent time with Mr. Doughnut. We still have some morons around who have firecrackers left and are going nuts with it! What is with these humans!!

6.27 PM – Doughie’s asleep now and I’m going to read Flawed by Cecelia Ahern.

In between – I’ve been reading non-stop after so long!! So I have 4 books in my currently reading list, out of which I’ve started with 3 already. I’m yet to decide whether to start the 4th one tonight or tomorrow but we shall see and you shall know!

Here’s the list:
1. Miss Laila Armed and Dangerous by Manu Jospeh
2. Flawed by Cecelia Ahern
3. Battling Injustice by Supriya Vani
4. A Bitter Rain by James D. Shipman

9.10 PM – My friends are coming to pick me up. While I won’t stay there for the night, I’m going to spend a few hours with them. But I’ll definitely carry my laptop and stuff to be able to blog and shiz!

9.57 PM – Hey Joey! How you doin!

11.50 PM – Going back now. So to explain what it’s like to be with my friends is next to impossible. Because that’s something you need to “experience” live. But here are a couple of weird and blurry images.

Also we played Dobble. And we’re crazy. And now my vocal chords are giving me bad looks!

But! I’m going to be with my Pooch now!! ❤️

It’s 1.13 AM now and it took me a while to edit this because initially I had two video clips to edit and upload but since that was taking a lot of time, I decided not to upload them today! Sowie!
Now, I’ll just go and get ready for bed, put on some music and crash. Mr. Doughnut, looking cute as ever, wants to say goodnight!



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