Dear Diary | 25 Oct, 2017 | The one where I talk a lot!

Dear Diary

Today was a good and a not-so-good day. Good, because I was in a good-ish mood and not-so-good because body wasn’t okay! But! I had a lot to say today, and so that’s what I did!


6.50 AM – Good morning! Mon amie just left! We’re hoping to meet on the weekend again so she can help me finish organising my room! Just in case you’re wondering, we’ve been cleaning/organising rooms since a very long time and it was only natural for me to ask her to come over this time too.

That’s my morning message! Best friends who clean rooms together, stay together? Yup! That’s it. That’s the message. Can we all appreciate I’m not a morning person and my mind is experiencing a 100 different things this early! And it’s SO cold outside right now!!! I’m not complaining ^_^

7.34 AM –  Should’ve just gone back to sleep.

9.35 AM – my body wouldn’t let me. So I’ve been watching some booktube videos – one of them was Zoe’s, from Readbyzoe, 24 hour readathon where she read It by Stephen King. I’ve wanted to read it and don’t want to watch the movie before I do. But let’s be honest, there’s no way I’ll manage to read a 1500 pages book without intimidating myself! So! I think I’ll get some audible credits and enjoy the audio book 😀
Also, I might have entered a reading slump so this could help! And I don’t think I can move today because yesterday was quite a tiring day!

So I slept till about 11-11.30 AM and didn’t get the audio book because I’m still not sure if I want to. But I do feel better now. It’s 12.13 PM and I guess I’ll get ready and film a video if I feel okay till then. Also, I’ve decided to give Manu Joseph’s book (Miss Laila Armed and Dangerous) a try! I did start reading it but didn’t continue because well I’m a mood reader, whatchya gonna do right!

Oh oh and and! I downloaded Mortal Kombat X on my phone and man am I horrible at playing it! But we shall succeed!

In between – Got ready in a mood to film another video, but didn’t feel so good so had to rest. The usual lunch routine and look what arrived!! I received a review copy from Harper Collins and I’m so excited about this book! All the interviews look so interesting! I’ve been missing reading non fiction too so it’s just perfect!

2017-10-25 10-1456862244..jpg


Now mom and I are doing some work and we’ll do a photoshoot for bags!

3.35 PM – Back in my room now. Really tired so I’ll just lie down, relax for a bit, watch some YouTube videos and edit the images in sometime.

Random thought – If someone thinks that girls starting age 22 and onwards are fit enough to get married, handle such responsibilities, babies and then their lives and futures – I hope they also see them fit and mature enough to be their own individual persons and not question and shut their voices when they develop minds of their own. Otherwise, it’s all getting messed up and quite dangerous!
Guess this came from something I read. 

6.23 PM – Watched a lot of reading vlogs and some fashion blogs too! Didn’t edit the images because I couldn’t keep my eyes open for long. Book blogging continues to be a lot of fun, I’m really glad to have started it without thinking too much about it. And now I’ve made so many pen friends! I love how warm and humble everyone has been. I have a lot of things planned for the blog and YouTube and hopefully I’ll be able to work on them soon and get them ready. Been working slowly but surely on my Facebook shop for bags too, a few more days and it should be up and running!

In between – Worked a little. Momma and I played Tap Tap together! So much fun!!



Random – If anyone wants to gift me, in advance, for any applicable occasions, feel free to get me the illustrated Harry Potter editions – all three! Kay Thenks!

8.06 PM – Because I felt like sketching. Still in process.




8.46 PM – You know the problem with eBooks is that I never remember which ones I have! So apparently, I have A Man Called OVE, Caraval, 4 3 2 1 and SO many more!!!

It’s 10:48 PM and I’m editing this blog right now. Decided to do it sooner than usual because I wanted to do some other stuff too. Basically, the past few days have been meh in terms of reading but I finally started doing some so I don’t want it to discontinue. So after this, I’ll just head to my room – get ready for bed, make Doughie’s bed, switch on the reading light, Light a candle and probably make myself a cup of green tea or something to drink and then just read! I might even sketch a little more before sleeping. And hopefully, I’ll get some filming done tomorrow too!

See! It is the one where I talk a lot!


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