Dear Diary | 24 Oct, 2017 | Life with auto-immunity and a Best Friend!

8.37 AM – Good morning! Winters are coming 😀

In between – Lazed around. Enjoyed some gluten – free breakfast. Got down to some work.

11.45 AM – Today’s Instagram posts pretty much explained that I won’t be continuing with A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie! Not that I’m sure what to pick next! But I surely am in a mood to design some shoes, and doodle around a little. So let’s see!

1.15 PM – Emails sent. Some work done. Now mom and I are going to clean my room, getting it ready for winters!
While which I’m re-reading or rather listening to Frankenstein’s audio book.



Dear Diary 

You know how life with auto-immunity, and the various tricks it plays on your body, is like?
Let me explain. So, auto-immunity is when you’re not sure how your day will start, will you wake up fresh or your body’s going to be stiff and you’ll have mood swings. It’s when you’re not sure what the next 10 minutes would bring.
Today, after ages, I woke up fresh.
I woke up with bearable pain and a smile and no mood swings at all. And I thought, well today will be an even more productive day.
So I decided to start early, get ready, get my to-do list ready and have a good day full of activities and work.
Just a few hours into the day, while I’m in the process of washing my hair, I start feeling my energy levels go down. I thought it’ll be fine so I decided to carry on and clean my room.
A few more movements and felt the levels decrease further and decided to lie down.

Since then till now, 6.37 pm, I haven’t been able to focus on anything, haven’t been able to sit up and even think.
I could only manage to sleep.

So that’s a part of my life with auto-immunity.

On a happy note, this one arrived. Say hi to Pragya – my childhood human!

7.00 PM – Been trying to upload my video on YouTube but it wouldn’t happen! Finally after 40 minutes it decided to cooperate!

9.45 PM – And it’s done! New video is up on my channel! It’s bookish and about spooky week! 😀

10.00 PM – Pragya and I are going to clean and organise my room! See you next year! Because, have you seen how messy my room can be?!

These are the before images (the one above and below)

And these are after. More to be done!

There are still books that don’t have any shelf space left! But we’ll take care of those tomorrow!

12.57 AM – And we’re done for today!

1.00 AM – both of us decided to re-read The Little Prince.

It’s 1.07 AM as I sit with an exhausted body and edit this blog, while Pragya’s reading The Little Prince out loud!



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