Dear Diary | 23 Oct, 2017 | Oh them mixed emotions!

Dear Diary

Today’s been funnily a mixed sort of a day. I might not be able to explain it properly, I guess it’s safe to blame my mixed emotions. Today’s been a playlist with the shuffle on! I guess we all can guess a little from that, maybe? no? Oh well!

12.25 AM – For some reason, I feel like reading another book along with A Murder is Announced. And I think I’ll go with Miss Laila Armed and Dangerous by Manu Joseph – a giveaway win hosted by The Book Satchel and Harper Collins. This month has a confused reading list, contrary to how structured it was in September!12.47 AM – The book seems interesting. However, I think I’ll just get in bed now and call it a day. Guess I tired myself too much during the day. So I’ll just sleep to some good old music!

10.25 AM – Good morning! Am I the grumpiest human this morning, or what. But look at this face! 😍


In between – Spent time with Momma dearest and Mr. Doughnut. Chatted away like I have that kind of energy in me XD and then we played a few games together! And then I lost my phone.

12.55 PM – and now, I found it! I’m going to get ready now. A friend might come over, but I also have a few videos to film and shoe designs to finalise.

1:58 PM – All set and ready to film! Say hi to my face!


3.14 PM – Oh ‘ello, Mr. Finney!

Today, for some reason, I wasn’t as confident about the video and I did it in quite a few takes. Still not sure if I’m completely satisfied with it but let’s just edit and see! I shall film the others a bit later today or tomorrow.

3.45 PM – Just viewed the video, and it’s not that bad actually. I’ll edit it in a bit. And will also prepare a blog post on The Breakdown by BA Paris. But before all that, I have some shoe biz to do!

6.09 PM – After mon ami left, I took Mr. Doughnut out for a walk. Also, you know what?? I guess I won’t be sitting in the garden for a few days!
There was a snake!! A SNAKE! DO YOU KNOW HOW SCARED I AM OF SNAKES?? so. yeah. And now I’m about to upload a review on The Breakdown by BA Paris on the blog and Goodreads. (See! everything’s on shuffle!)

6.33 PM – Blog post on The Break Down by B.A Paris is now up!  (Spoiler-Free)

7.49 PM – Been working and some new bag designs are ready! Also, if you follow my Instagram stories, you must’ve seen me carrying one of them!

8.17 PM – Editing my video – for my youtube channel – now! I guess I’ll upload it tomorrow. 🙂

8.46 PM – Been working in between editing the video and it’s almost done!

9.27 PM – Taking Doughie out for a walk now. And then I’ll probably spend time reading!
Now, I’ll always be on a more careful look-out for anything that even looks like a snake!!! Why, why?!

9.48 PM – Poor pooch is still reluctant to go on his usual walks 😦
We’re back now and I’m headed to my room. I’ll clean it, get ready for bed, edit this blog and then read for a while. Before I call it a day, I’ve decided to workout a little with either music on the background or a youtube video.
Also, I’ve applied a nourishing hair oil before I wash it tomorrow morning and here’s some vital information – IT STINKS!!!!

So this is my arrangement. (plus, that shine on my face isn’t my natural glow – how I wish- but aloe Vera gel) Another vital information! Am I not the coolest!

( remember, this playlist is on shuffle!) 

It’s 11:06 PM as I sit, with music on, to edit this! And wow have this been a weird Diary entry! I guess I’m literally going to have my playlist on shuffle tonight to sleep to!
Well, it’s reading and workout time now! Allow Me and Mr. Doughnut to sign off!





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