Dear Diary |22 Oct, 2017 |Last Spookathon day! |Made Sense? Made Sense. 

Dear Diary

Despite all the things that go wrong, all the problems and everything that I don’t mention in my blog, I want to say that it’s a beautiful Life. And I wouldn’t want anything to change.


1.26 AM – Posted yesterday’s blog sometime back and then played a few tap tap games! Wanted to play more but body demands sleep. I guess I’ll read tomorrow!

10.05 AM – Good morning!  Don’t want to wake up. Oh, but adulthood calls.

10.48 AM – of course I’m going to play a few Tap Tap games first! (Talking about Tap Tap Reborn 2) 

11.04 AM – I just did Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk on tap tap and ohhh! So therapeutic!!

11.48 AM – Doughie and I were outside in the garden for sometime. Well, I came inside soon because I needed to lie down again but Mr. Pooch is taking a nap there already. Another reason why I love this season! My baby pooch enjoys it 😀
Now, I’m sitting in my lobby and reading on the couch. I have some work to do but I’ll read for an hour or so, finish maximum of this book and then work a good couple of hours.
It’s Spookathon’s last day!! Also, I can’t wait to get back to making booktube videos! It’s been a while now and I’m feeling a tad bit better. So hopefully, I’ll film a few today!


In between – Lunch. Chased Doughie around the house and played with him. Read quite a few chapters, made progress in A Murder is Announced! Yawned like a maniac because my body wanted to sleep but well, I didn’t! Made sense? Made sense.

4.44 PM – Mom and I did some work. Did a photoshoot for bags! I’ve come to my room now to edit them. I’ve decided to not read only to complete the challenge because then I’ll begin skipping things, which isn’t enjoyable. So I’ll just read because I want to! Made sense? Made sense!


Here’s a sneak peak! Follow Inara shoes (@inarashoes) on Facebook to stay updated! 🙂
Random thought: everyone needs to meditate. Meditation is essential.


5.34 PM – Sadly, today also I wasn’t able to film videos. I’ve edited a few images and now I’m thinking of taking a break by updating my blog and goodreads with pending Biblio-Thoughts!
PS. Mom’s addicted to Tap Tap reborn 2 too! Woohooo!

In between – Got back to editing images. Rested a little. Played more tap tap. And then some karaoke fun with momma dearest!

7.14 PM – My Massi (aunt) video called mom. And my cousin, who’s on her way to Delhi, was trying to call Massi. So then Massi asked me to let her know that. So then I video called my cousin and had a gala time with technology! Made sense? Made sense.

Here’s a throwback pic of us:


8.05 PM – so I decided to spend a dedicated time to just editing the pictures we clicked today for bags, because I didn’t want spend time on them at night. And now they’re finally all done!
Usually I start playing a game or two while exporting and stuff but I just wanted to finish it quickly so I can do other things. I’ll take a quick nap now and then write my reviews for blog and goodreads!

10.21  PM – Couldn’t nap and my fever decided to return accompanied with a headache. So I just spent some time with my pooch. And now I’m sitting and writing my thoughts on the recent books I read – on Goodreads and my blog.

10.39 PM  Thoughts on Turtles All The Way Down by John Green is up!

11.00 PM – Took Doughie out for a walk. He’s still a little scared because of the fireworks, so I guess it’ll take some time for him to feel comfortable again.

It’s 11.47 PM now and I’m editing this blog, with some music on. Doughie and I are still in the lobby and will go to our room soon. It was a fairly productive day today. I really need to get back to my early morning routine so I can get more things done. Now, I’m just going to read and finish the book because I’m not left with much. Oh also! I’ll share an Instagram post her to update on Spookathon:

So today’s the last day of Spookathon! And if you’ve seen my recent daily blogs, you must’ve already figured out that I won’t be able to complete all the challenges! 🙈
◼️ I’ll be left with 2 after completing my current read tonight and all I need to read is one book because that fits with both the remaining challenges!
◼️ So! I’m thinking to just pretend being in a different time zone and read the last book tomorrow! It’ll still be Spookathon somewhere! 🙈🙈 what do you think?


Spookathon deets:
Currently reading: A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie.
Challenge: Read a book with a spooky word in its title.
Challenges completed: Read a Book with Orange in its cover,
Read a Thriller
Books read so far: to be updated.
Pages read:
  to be updated.

Things done today:
Oh A lot!! Phew! 

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