Dear Diary | 21 Oct, 2017 | Spookathon Day 6 | A day in with family and out with friends!

Dear Diary

Today was a beautiful day. My pooch was happy and his playful self and I had a good time with my humans too! I did exert a lot today, but it was worth it. I’ll just make up for it by resting for a few weeks. My body behaved well today! Although, I made sure to sleep wherever I could (while I was out)  just so I won’t get too weak.


7.35 AM – Mr. Doughnut wants to go out now because NO FIREWORKS! Ah! The sound of silence ❤️ *add dramatic background music*

7.40 AM – I think I’m going to get back to sleep.

10.39 AM – Good morning! I’ll have to get up and get ready soon, cousins coming over for lunch!

11.30 AM – I lazed around a little, rested my arm. Going to read for sometime now and have a cup of tea.
I just figured, after this book, if I manage to read After the crash by Michel Bussi – I’ll be able to cover two challenges with just that. So let’s see!

1.06 PM – if you think I must’ve gotten ready by now for the luncheon, you are wrong! 🙈
I couldn’t stop reading! It’s actually a pretty riveting book! I’d love to read more by Agatha Christie!

1.28 PM – Partially ready now. But so tired already. Right shoulder is sulking and won’t agree to move. Lungs aren’t in a mood to breathe properly. Sinus is having a slumber party in my nose, so the nostrils are tightly shut and blocked. Vital information, guys!

2.45 PM – And them humans are here! (Sharing images with only one of them)

Met my sister! 

Oh but guess what! So while my brother and I were chatting away about gadgets and stuff and games, I came across one of my favourite childhood games ever! It wasn’t available anywhere for so long!! I did find some adaptations and stuff but never the real deal. And today, I just stumbled upon it while talking about some games on Google play.
Remember when iPod Touch had just come out and there were these cool games, and one of them was Tap Tap! So i just found Tap Tap 2!! yay me!! 😀

Also! Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi just arrived 😀

4.30 PM – So they’ve just left and I have to get ready for a dinner with friends. I was thinking I’ll cancel it because I did exert more than I could, but since we don’t meet that often, I want to go too! So, that’s what I’ll do now.

6.09 PM  – I still have to get my shoes on and make Doughie comfortable before I leave but my friends are already outside to pick me up! So it’s fast mode on, for now. We’ll be picking up another friend on the way, so I’ll just take a nap during.



After we left, we went over to a friend’s to say hi to their baby pooch!

9.48 PM – And now I’m home! It’s walk time for Mr. Doughnut but some fireworks are still on (Can you imagine!) but we did manage to make him feel good and took him out.

It’s 12.35 AM now, and I’m editing the blog and uploading pictures. I think, while I was updating it during the day, I accidentally posted the blog instead of saving it as a draft! XD But here we are, it’s an open diary!
After uploading it, I might just play a game or two on Tap Tap 😀 and then read my book till I doze off.
I think it’s pretty clear that I will not be able to complete all Spookathon challenges, in time,  but I will continue because I’m left with only one book to read (after my CR) and it’ll be done! so why not!

Spookathon deets:
Currently reading: A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie.
Challenge: Read a book with a spooky word in its title.
Challenges completed: Read a Book with Orange in its cover,
Read a Thriller
Books read so far: 2
Pages read:
 801 + to be updated

Things done today:
Played with Doughnut. read my book. worked a little. Spent time with my humans. 

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