Dear Diary | 19 Oct, 2017 | Spookathon Day 4 | Is this how Diwali is meant to be celebrated?

Dear Diary

Today was an even more difficult day for Mr. Doughnut, like many other pooches and animals and also humans, because of a bunch of idiots. Thanks for more pollution, guys!

I didn’t mean to start this diary entry on a not-so-positive note but I couldn’t change reality.

12.20 AM –  Finished editing last night’s blog. Final touches now

12.34 AM – published!

12.46 AM – Doughie decided to get on my legs and stomach. So I basically can’t really do anything (except typing this, evidently.) Isn’t he the cutest!

9.19 AM – Good morning! So after Doughie slid towards my side and slept, I was able to get some reading done! While which I dozed off 🙈 but I managed to read a hundred pages!

The book’s been interesting since the beginning and I really want to know what happens next and finish it today!

11.04 AM – Just received my pre-ordered copy of Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo!! 😀 LRM_EXPORT_20171020_140858.jpgThat reminds me, I wanted to pre-order Bear and the Nightingale. It’s available at such a cool price!

Of course once you’re online and book-buying, it almost never ends singular does it! XD
SO I also ordered Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi because the hardcover was on sale and also obviously because I’ve wanted to read since its release!
And I also needed a phone case for my phone and just ordered a transparent, shockproof case. I’ve never used one but with Oneplus 3T, I really like the feel of holding it because of its size. And the bulky ones, that I usually go for, wouldn’t have helped in that. Know what I mean?

2.56 PM – so till about now, I’ve done mainly two things – read a little and chased Mr. Doughnut around the house. The little one is in a mischievous mood today and has been going from one room to the other to grab hold of anything possible! So we’ve blocked entrances to some of them, one of which he managed to open still. Smarty! My boy’s a smarty! XD

He’s taking a nap now and he’ll definitely be in a mood to play in the evening and I hope we’re able to do that considering it’s Diwali today.

3.00 PM – I’ve just come to my room, while everyone’s in the lobby watching some telly. Doughie’s asleep now, or is pretending to so I don’t follow him around! You never know with this one! And hopefully, now I’ll get some good time to just read and rest.

5.38 PM – My fever’s back and fluctuating but the good news is that I’ve been reading non-stop since the last update, and I might just finish this book tonight!

6.16 PM – fireworks started. Music’s on! Hopefully Doughie won’t be too anxious. (he was)

11.58 PM – It’s now that the fireworks have reduced. Not ended, reduced. Doughnut’s been so scared all along and I’ve been following him around, sitting wherever he feels calmer, trying to drown the firework noises with music. I sincerely don’t understand the point of it, what good does bursting so many crackers do anyway. I am pretty tired but thankfully, Doughie’s asleep now. He chose the washroom to snooze in with music still on. He hasn’t had his dinner and didn’t go out for a walk obviously. Anyway, I just hope the newspapers won’t have any news reporting accidents etc. Because how many each year to make people realise? Also, I hope everyone sensible had a great day with the festivities, lights, friends and family!


I’m reading now. Waiting for the noises to completely die down before I coax Doughnut out of the washroom and onto his bed. And then I’ll edit this blog and upload it!

12.25 AM – I’m at the part of the book where they’re finally going to throw clues as to who the culprit was and I think I already knew! I had three guesses initially, and mid-way I was almost sure, now I think I’m positive!

12.36 AM – and I was right!
PS. Minor fireworks still on, so Doughie and I are still sitting in his comfy room.

1.23 AM – this is why I like BA Paris! What a bad ass character! Only a few pages left but will get Doughie to get on his bed now. Finally!

1.30 AM – Good news! Doughie’s finally back in the room now. He’s still hesitant out of fear but he’ll be calm soon. So I’ll just sit with him till he’s fully comfortable. Might as well finish the book now. I’m thinking I’ll edit this tomorrow and upload then since I’m really tired now. But yeah, let’s hope my pooch is his happier self soon.

(I did finish the book and gave it 5 stars on Goodreads! Will share my Biblio-Thoughts on it soon.)

It’s the next day, 2:24 PM now when I’m editing this. Because we couldn’t sleep last night, not before 3 I suppose and then in the morning there were some fireworks again. Few, but enough to make my Pooch anxious. So both of us are really tired, although thankfully he’s finally eaten something and went out for a small walk around the house. I’m not feeling too well and my right arm decided to stop moving. So yeah!
Hope all of you had a great day though!

Spookathon deets:
Currently reading: Yet to decide

Challenges completed: Read a Book with Orange in its cover,
Read a Thriller

Books read so far: 2
Pages read:

Things done today:
Wondered what’s the whole point of fireworks on Diwali. Why not just lights and an accident-free festival instead? Finished a book. 


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