Dear Diary | 18 Oct, 2017 | Spookathon Day 3 | Doughnut was frightened almost the entire day.

Dear Diary

I’m glad to have started documenting my days and eventually would want to add a lot of other things from my day too. But so far I’m happy with this! I’ve enjoyed the past days (documented here) and today wasn’t so bad too! i just wish the fireworks would end soon because it isn’t nice seeing Doughnut (and also so many other animals and humans uncomfortable with loud noises and our nature!) so frightened! But apart from that, it’s nice to see houses lit up and any excuse to light candles is good!


12:09 AM – body’s too tired. I’m making my bed and calling it a day. Could read only 12 pages.

Night night

12.38 AM – and now I can’t sleep.  *sigh*

9.57 AM –  Good morning!

11.09 AM – Finally started to move and out of bed now!

11.30  AM –

12.37 PM –  Did some work and wasted some time browsing the internet!
I’m yet to make my bed but laziness got the better of me and now I’m just sitting in the lobby, checking on some work and starting to read The Breakdown.
Mr. Doughnut’s had his morning beverage and sleeping in the lobby. It’s getting pleasant now! winters winters!! Yay!

1.00 PM – was called in to the studio to have a look at some work in process. Selected some trims and solved some issues! Which also means I didn’t read anything yet. So I’m back to my place now, lobby sweet lobby, and sitting next to Mr. Doughnut. Reading time!

In between – something or the other always comes up during these hours. I thought today might be different! 🙈 anyway, I’ve put the book down with great difficulty and now I’m just going to get some work done. This would involve shoes, material and my pending book reviews! I have two videos to film for YouTube, hopefully in a few hours I’ll be able to do that too.

5.25 PM – The occasional fireworks. Doughnut’s frightened so I’ve been sitting next to him – wherever he feels comfortable. He’s also waiting for my cup of tea so he could munch on some snacks!
I couldn’t film videos today or do a photoshoot for bags. My fever’s back and fluctuating like always! So it’s left me even more tired. If Doughie feels better, I’ll take him out to the garden. Won’t be able to play with him but I know he enjoys the weather now. So let’s see!


In between – posted my thoughts on The Far Away Brothers by Lauren Markham sometime ago. (Click on it to read 😀 )

6.01 PM –  Since Doughie’s still scared, and my fever’s bugging me, I decided to sit with him and watch some YouTube videos – I watched Lydia Elise Millen’s latest one and I’m currently watching a reading vlog by Bookerly. She’s pretty cool!

6.14 PM –  Her vlog was pretty cute! And her kids ❤️
Mr. Doughnut’s asleep now. And he didn’t feel like going outside so I’ll just take him out for his walk after dinner. And I think I’m going to try and get some reading done, but after checking on some work.

7.36 PM –  As predicted, the fireworks have increased and Doughie’s terrified! Trying to seek shelter anywhere possible! So I’m just sitting with him, trying to calm him down with some music and food. Did I get any reading done? Nope!
But that’s okay. I’m focusing on making him feel better while mom helps me manage work and the studio. I’ll try reading before sleeping, if fireworks reduce. I am pretty tired now, so let’s see!

It’s 12.02 AM now and I’m editing the blog – inserting images etc. Fireworks have been on and off and he was really scared. So I didn’t read anything at all, and It’ll take some more time before I publish this post. But I do want to read a little before sleeping. I’m guessing tomorrow it’ll be more fireworks since its the main day of Diwali! Today might repeat itself! But let’s hope for the best.

Spookathon deets:
Currently reading: The Break Down by BA Paris.
Challenge: Read a Thriller.
Challenges completed: Read a Book with Orange in its cover.
Books read so far: 1
Pages read:

Things done today:
Tried my best to make Doughnut feel better. Got a few new bag designs developed. Dealt with fluctuating fever and body ache. Managed to read 58 pages. 


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