Dear Diary | 17 Oct, 2017 | Spookathon Day 2

First of all, a big THANK YOU to all the lovely messages for my First Dear Diary entry! Many of you asked why I don’t daily vlog and I mentioned it on an Instagram post that I didn’t enjoy managing it with work, health and other things. I tried it for two days but it felt too hectic and maybe the time isn’t right yet! SO why not daily blog till then 🙂

So here goes day 2!

Dear Diary 

12:00 AM – Tonight, I was able to start reading a little earlier. So hopefully I won’t be sleeping late. Turtles all the way down, is a beautifully intense and a vital book. I think that’s all I can say at the moment. Also, it’s not necessary that the beauty of it has to be pleasant.

snapchat-1825631686350190822.jpgDoughnut’s dozed off next to me in my bed. Winter is coming! I love winters. My body feels better in winters, however these days any form of cold hurts my bones. But I’m still waiting for the season. Winter means Mr. Doughnut cuddled up with me, my warm cozy room (which gets unbearable to sit in during summers), books and hot chocolate and candles, quilts and coziness, warmth and peace.

Oh and also, I might just catch up on some Netflix on weekends at night! I’m feeling better than I did in the morning so I’m just enjoying while it lasts. Because next morning will, without fail, bring it all back.

1.00 am –  Only  a few chapters left now! It’s full of post-its and pencil marks! Thank you, John Green!

1.18 AM –  Scratch that. It’s not all beautiful. It’s terrifying and difficult to read. And that’s okay. Being terrified and difficult is okay. Being unhealthy doesn’t make you a bad or a weak person. If anything, getting up the next day and that too with a smile makes you stronger. – that’s what I’d like to tell Aza.

Screenshot 2017-10-17 19.53.32

1.50 AM –  A few pages left but I’m not yet ready to end it. So I’ll just sleep. Also, I didn’t plan for this to happen! I had planned to sleep early tonight. Let’s try again tomorrow, shall we!

Screenshot 2017-10-17 19.54.13

9.04 AM –  Good morning! Thank you Father dearest for helping me wake up! And Mother dearest for helping my body move.

2017-10-17 11.09.27.jpg
A happy – tired face, perhaps? Ignore zat wet hair please!

If I compare my morning situation to previous years, it’s much better. Still difficult but much better. I remember not being able to switch sides while sleeping and now I wake up in some weird direction 🙈 it still takes times for my body to finally start moving but it’s much better!

(I wake up with stiff muscles and joints, even after working out before sleeping, and hence it takes me an hour or two to finally start moving and get out of bed)

10.46 AM –  Breakfast time now! Sometimes, I cheat on my diet to cheer myself up. But I’m always careful with things that don’t suit me at all. SO today I decided to have gluten and coffee! No body reactions! woohooo !! img_20171017_105416_385.jpg

A peanut butter and banana Toast with coffee and that’s Turtles All The Way Down without its dust jacket. I’m on my last few chapters now. Reading it slow, intentionally. I don’t think I’m ready for it to end. I have a serious problem with letting things – nice, valuable things – go!

11.22 AM –  I’ve sniffed the book more than I’ve read it!

12.06 PM –  Finished Turtles all the way down. Speechless.
Wanted to make a video today for my youtube channel talking about it, but I don’t feel as energetic so maybe tomorrow! will update Goodreads too. Also, I have to send in my review for The Far Away Brothers by Lauren Markham – so stay tuned!

1.15 PM –   My cousins arrive!



My Aunt was on FaceTime and that’s how she usually buys shoes, from us, too! After all the posing (by my mom) and deciding, this is what they finally bought! ( none of the images are edited. PS I designed these and I’m preparing a Facebook shop. Have a look at Inara shoes on Facebook 😀 )

6.01 PM –  And the cousins have left!
Mr Doughnut’s not in a happy mood because the fireworks frighten him! So I’m just sitting with him trying to make him feel safe and calm.

I’m pretty exhausted now! Really Really exhausted! So I just decided to get in bed while also be around Doughnut. It’s Tea time and he enjoys sitting next to me mainly to get a bite from whatever snack I have with.

6:38 PM – I decided my next read for Spookathon day 2! This book fits with the first challenge (Read a thriller). And I’ve been excited about this one ever since I read Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris. I have my Biblio-thoughts (spoiler-free) on it, if you’re interested here’s the video!


If you haven’t guessed by now – it’s The BreakDown by BA Paris!



It’s 8:05 PM now as I edit this blog and insert some images! Fortunately, Doughie’s calmed down and is now curled up near my legs. I was too tired to start reading so now (after posting this) I’ll just have dinner, walk Doughie, exercise a little. And if I feel better I’ll start reading before I call it a day. Also! Doughie’s growling in his dream XD

Spookathon deets:
Currently reading: The Break Down by BA Paris.
Challenge: Read a Thriller.
Challenges completed: Read a Book with Orange in its cover.
Books read so far: 1
Pages read:

Things done today:
Finished a book. Spent time with cousins and sold bags. Got tired. This blog.


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