Dear Diary! |16 Oct, 2017 | Spookathon Day 1.

Dear Diary

Today is officially the first day of my very first Booktube Read-a-thon – Spookathon!

12:00 AM – It was a Sunday till the clock hit midnight and while it was meant to be a little work and more of a reading day, it was actually quite the opposite. Not that I’m complaining! Work, play time with Doughnut, dinner, walk time and then I just made a bee line for my room! Turned on the ever so comfy yellow lights, lit a sea breeze scented candle and started reading! Now I do have a TBR selected as per the Spookathon challenge, however I went for a new book! Mainly because it had recently arrived and went well with the challenge (read a book with orange in the cover) and also i was buddy reading it with Belen from Dreaming in Los Angeles  . Totally different time zones, btw! But it’s always fun to share your thoughts and reactions with someone!


Here’s where you can have a look at my original TBR:

1:00 AM –


1:41 AM
Mr. Doughnut starts feeling restless. Poor pooch hasn’t been able to sleep properly since the fireworks week started! (It’s Diwali week) So, I took him out for a walk and spent some time calming him down. And I’m pretty tired by now, unable to form sentences, but continued to read because that book’s that interesting!


11.38 AM – Good morning! Evidently, my plans to stick to my sleepcycle and wake up early went down the drain. I had a lazy day onwards, mainly because I wasn’t feeling too well today. Too many mood swings and body ache. But! I did manage to edit some photos clicked for my Facebook shop – which I’m yet to start. Here’s a sneak peak to my bag world! ( I had shared a video on my facebook work page (inara shoes) sharing some news also that I’m self-learning bag designing – so here it is!)

2017-10-14 16.53.15.png

3.57 PM – My friend, Apurva, sent me her copy of We Are Okay by Nina LaCour!! Her own copy with notes and annotations! ❤ So excited!!! How awesome is that!!




Nothing interesting to report after that so here are some IG stories bits!


It’s currently 8:01 PM as I write this. The fireworks have started increasing, Doughnut’s obviously terrified. I just feel bad for all those animals scared and helpless at the moment and humans who don’t enjoy loud noises and sorry for those who make this decision every year despite the environmental consequences and the accidents!

Now, it’s going to be normal routine. Dinner, family time, walk and then I’ll head to my room and get reading!! Let’s hope I finish the book tonight! (but let’s be real, I’ll have to work some more – preparing some shoe designs!)

Spookathon deets:
Currently reading: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green
Challenge: Book with Orange in the cover
Pages read (
till 1.41 am): 132 

Things done today:
Rested my “auto-immuned” body
Worked: Designed more bags, checked on the designs being developed, edited images to prepare shop, spent time with Doughie, some more rest, wrote this blog, sitting with Doughie to calm him down. 


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