When Family & Friends come to rescue and a Mini Nykaa Haul!

These past few days, my body’s been a tad bit difficult to handle. Often, things get unpredictable and tough with Auto-immunity . Consequently, mind and mood are almost always affected and it just keeps getting as frustrating as one can imagine.

All these years, staying productive and busy has most successfully helped me in coping with pains and discomfort. But that doesn’t remain an option when energy levels go down!

But I have a beautiful bunch of humans called Family & Friends and chilling with them often helps when it all comes crashing down!

A couple of friends have been coming over and it’s been crazy fun! I do get tired but at the end it’s all worth it. We’ve had weirdest of conversations over packets of Gluten-free snacks and healthy drinks. (Life!) We’ve planned quite a few projects which won’t leave me exhausted or hinder with my recovery and quite a few vlogs together! Sleepovers and not sleeping on these sleepovers are always a good remedy to uplift one’s mood! 😀
And there’s always La Famille – I’ve finally made them somewhat addicted to books! – et Le pooch, Mr. Doughnut – My constant bundle of love and sunshine – I spent all my days with him and it just keeps getting better!
Well, this just gave me an idea to do Dear Diary blog posts talking about how I spend my days specially with friends (If I remember to click pics with them!). Maybe I’ll start with it soon! What do you think?

Another good (and clichéd) therapy is retail – something I’ve just started. I have been going book shopping which is always fun- you can watch my  September Book Haul with my friend! But this time I thought some Fashion/Cosmetic Shopping would be good too – something I haven’t done in ages! I started this also because I’ll soon start Fashion blogging! 😀

So, let me browse you through a mini Cosmetics/ Face products I bought recently. Keep in mind that I haven’t shopped in ages! Literally ages! And I don’t really use any products as such but this year has been all about exploring, experimenting and trying new things!

I bought 4 things from Nykaa.com – mainly what I required because I already have other basic stuff with me and like I said, I don’t wear a lot of products anyway.

So, the first two things are nail enamels. To tell you sort a background story, which one of my oldest school friends reminded me the other day – I was obsessed with nail paints and specially nail art back in school! I had totally forgotten about that! But I’d mostly be inspired by Fergie’s outfits and nails (I still do sometimes!) but I had absolutely stopped doing it (not sure why) when I switched schools. So I do have an eye for nail paints and stuff but because I haven’t painted my nails since, I just wanted to have one basic colour that’ll last me Autumn and Winters and one with quirk.
And I decided to get a pastel grey shade (Lychee Delight, shade 82) because it’s such an easy colour to carry with almost any outfit! And I’ve been obsessed with the colour anyway, lately so I’m definitely in a Let’s-get-everything-grey phase!

The other I got is from Nykaa’s Cookie Crumble Nail enamel collection and I got Blueberry Shortcake in shade 188.

I haven’t tried these on yet but I will most definitely update this blog when I do!




Next, I bought a mascara in Black. I’ve been using a clear mascara pretty much ever since I started wearing it, but I wanted to get one in black as well. This one’s by Maybelline – Lash Sensational – Voluminous and waterproof. Yet to be tried!

And the last thing I required was a good blush brush, and I wanted it with a lid so I bought one by Vega.




I’m not really a cosmetics kind of a girl, but I wanted to try some stuff out. And If I do have any “make-up essentials in my bag” – This is what it might look like:




So that’s pretty much it from my tiny Nykaa Haul! I will update this blog once I’ve tried out the products and do let me know if you have any essentials that you almost always carry with you or something that you can’t go out without wearing it!

See you soon! 🙂

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