In love and Obsessed with… – Part 1

Another blog series!!

Sharing some of my obsessions and all time favourite things – living and/or non living – with you here! 😀

You know what I love besides reading and writing? My work! And my work revolves around art, creativity and fashion! My social media feeds majorly revolves around Mr. Doughnut (my pooch), my work and books. So I usually get crazy about things that belong to these three categories!

I share my love for these and sometimes various other random bits and bobs and if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Hence, I’ve decided to bring all my favourites – monthly or all time – which could include Books, Fashion, Pet (Doggie) Care, Prints and Fabrics, Games, Series and a lot more!
Let’s get into the blog, shall we?

  1. Fashion favourites!

    After a considerable amount of browsing through various magazines, online stores and more I’ve learnt how in love I am of the following items:


Due to photosensitive eyes, I always have to wear either anti-glare glasses on a daily basis or sunglasses outdoors. So obviously I stalk new designs and trends online! I’m currently in love with cat eyes, thick frames and oversized sunglasses!

I love how these can be used to dress up or dress down any outfit. Although I own only black and navy blue sunglasses so far, I’ve been digging skin tones and pink shades a lot lately!


I can’t get enough of it!! I want all things denim and more!

Fave outfit? Denim on denim on denim on denim….

I’ve been so in love and obsessed with this fabric that I’ve been designing a lot of Inara Shoes using it.

Speaking of Inara, these are (some of) my favourites from our collections! :

To know a little something about my work, click Here to read 🙂

2.  BOOKS!!


If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (doughnut4321), you’d be updated with my current reads! And also the fact that I’ve taken up Goodreads reading challenge this year 😀

As you can see below I’ve completed 30/50 books! However, I do plan on reading a little more than 50 books this year.

2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Gurveen has
read 30 books toward
their goal of
50 books.



So let me show you some of my all time favourites! Most of these are also on my “Want-to-re-read” shelf!

And there are many many more!


3.  Netflix series

Sharing some that I’ve recently watched and some that are my all time fave!


4. Games I’ve been playing:




Apart from this, I’ve also been in love with French. I enjoy learning it so much! I used to take classes few years back but had to dis-continue due to some reasons. However, I’ve decided to get back to it and teach myself this amazing language! I think I’d like to document my progress and post updates on my blog, every now and then 😀


Hope you enjoyed this moment of randomness with me 😛

Did you find anything here that you love and is your favourite too? I’d love to know your current and all time fave things or your hobbies!

You can follow some more of my randomness on the following links 🙂

 Facebook   – Gurveen Kaur

Instagram – @gurveen94

Snapchat – doughnut4321



I’ll see you in my next one! 🙂

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