“Everything…affects everything” My Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why (series)

Many of you won’t agree with this blog, some of you might. But I’ll go ahead and talk about it anyway.

I was waiting to get the book first before watching the series, but oh well! So, like many of you, I’ve heard of and read about various theories and controversies surrounding the series and since I wasn’t really aware of what the story was about, I didn’t believe most of it.

I started watching this with my Momma and brother and am pretty sure that the three of us perceived and understood it differently. The beauty of human mind, right?

This blog is mainly about what I think.

Just in case, you haven’t heard about this series – A teenage girl, broken and hurt by a series of wrongs and bullying by her school mates, decides to commit suicide. However, she continues to live on a few weeks after through a set of tapes that carry a part of her story. 13 tapes carrying 13 reasons that led to her suicide.


Screenshot 2017-07-08 23.05.44
It really has to.


I’ve read many posts on the internet, on my Facebook feed and so on about how one shouldn’t watch the series. And they feel pretty strongly about it. They talk about how it is derogatory in some ways and also very dangerous. Of course if someone is suicidal or going through some things that can trigger self-hurt, it won’t really be a wise decision to watch it. Even if someone isn’t, if you don’t feel like watching it just don’t. But I don’t see why people feel so strongly about it that they wanted it to be banned.

For me, each episode and each reason on those tapes, was a loud and clear reminder of how immensely important it is to be kind and considerate of each other. To think before you talk to someone and specially about someone. To how the word “cool” has all the wrong meanings attached to it. To how it is simply ridiculous to objectify humans and talk about them. To how one should realise how oblivious they are of each others’ lives that they need to take a step back before judging somebody. To how important a stable family, an emotionally strong and verbal parents are prerequisite. How parents need to be friends first, with an open mind and a room for their kids to share their secrets. How not everyone who expresses through their emotions means merely “drama”. How just talking about it doesn’t solve things, actions need to be taken. To how one shouldn’t just assume things.

Ask. Talk. Permission. Consent. Truth.

Help anyone you can, in any way. You might not fully understand them but it won’t take much of you to try. To let them know that you’re there.

While I don’t understand the urge to ban the series, I do understand how it can trigger a lot of emotions in you. How it can take you back to a place you want to so badly lock away. How sad it can make you to know that it might be a fictional story, however almost everything in it happens in reality.
We’ve al been through this. We’ve all given each other a tough time.


All things said above apply to almost every situation in life. I won’t be specific about everything but one.


Screenshot 2017-07-08 23.16.47.png
Not just a girl. But, anyone. 

I wonder how long will it take for us humans to understand the fact that rape is wrong. No matter what one wears, how many ever people one has dated, how many ever rumours one carries, no matter where you are, alone or with someone, just no matter what… Rape. Is. Wrong.

Nobody asks for what. “Boys will be boys” is not the solution.


I think this is something that all kids need to read or watch along with their parents. It gives an overview of how one comment or judgement or type of behaviour, intentional or not, can change someone’s life for ever.
No, I don’t mean what Hannah Baker did was right. I don’t think suicide is the solution. All I’m saying is that the world needs to become a kinder place. We need advanced emotional understanding than technology. We don’t want what happened to Hannah to happen to anyone else.

It’s time we understand that saying no to something that you know isn’t right shows your courage and not weakness, stopping something or someone doing wrong makes you cool and not a “wuss”

It’s time we start being truthful. It’s time we start with ourselves.




I’m glad I watched the series. It definitely isn’t easy to,  but it does teach you a lot.

Ask. Talk. Permission. Consent. Truth.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on ““Everything…affects everything” My Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why (series)

  1. Omg. I read and watched the series. The series was so hard to watch but I agree 100%. We need to be kinder. Sometimes we say something but we don’t realize how much it can affect others. That was my favorite lesson actually. Thinking before speaking. I don’t consider myself as someone who has ever bullied anyone but I think it’s true to remember to go be kind. I loved this article. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re completely right! Making a conscious effort to be kind is extremely important, specially in a world where editing and deleting are such strong habits if you know what I mean!


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