Part 1 – “It’s yer birthday, Harry!”

While I didn’t learn that I’m a wizard on my birthday, I did get to experience the most amazing day!. And also, I turned 23 (Harry Potter reference was only because I wanted to use the wizard line! Tee-hee!) 

Let me walk you through the entire experience.
So, to be very honest, I was freaking out about my birthday. So much so, that I didn’t let my friends talk about it or ask me about my plans at all. I was very close to not celebrating! Two of my friends – Mahak and Pia – planned it out for me, in a way. I only had to be present at the venue, rest everyone was informed. You know how you have this feeling where you know you’re scared or feel weird about something but are clueless about the reason, you almost always tend to associate it with something wrong or negative? I did that all the days before the birthday. But how did it actually turn out? Let’s see..
Now, starting with 19th May, the night before my birthday.
As our girl squad tradition, we always have a sleepover before the birthday. Some weren’t in the city and some had exams on, so it was Mahak, Pia and I.

When they arrived, it was our usual squeaky greeting and giggling and laughing and being crazy. We had dinner together and spent some time with Mr. Doughnut. A little before 12.00 AM, they decided to go upstairs to my room and told me stay put and it was obvious that there was a surprise coming my way.
And Oh! it was so cute! So before you see the image below, let me tell you the reference. I, very recently,  was able to launch my own company by the name House of Gee. So they had bought  black and white stripped tops for themselves and painted my company logo with Girls of Gee written on it! Cuties, I tell you!

(PS. sorry for the blurry images!)


So after this, the gluten free cake arrives and I know it’s 12! The girls went to the door, to another surprise! Two more friends came over to be there at midnight 🙂


By this time my phone was buzzing with birthday wishes, and hugs and laughter and all the lovely craziness! After we cut the cake, and I had it on my face, my mom decided to take her phone out to show us something. It was a series of video clips taken from my baby video 😀 Embarrassing and cute at the same time! My brother compiled them into a birthday video 🙂 You can watch it here! 🙂

After this, the friends and I sat and chatted and had fun for a while till the guys had to leave.

So us girls, we continued with the craziness and our slumber party!

Now, the next morning. The moment I woke up, my brother started asking me questions about my work – revenue, number of pairs sold and so on – and I had no clue why. When asked, he said that he’s just trying to do something for my brand, Inara Shoes. Once that was provided, he wanted pictures of me. I started searching for my photos – which is a difficult task since I don’t click many – in dropbox and elsewhere but he wanted  high resolution. After spending some time with the family, Pia and I went to my birthday venue which was at another friend’s place. And it was there that I asked my friends to click one there so I could send it to him. His excuse for all the rush? That he’s trying to contact with someone who asked for me and there’s a deadline. I didn’t understand and didn’t give it much thought.
So we continued with our day there, played games, danced (sort of), talked, laughed, all crazy stuff! I had so much fun there!
And I’d like to thank Paul for coming all the way from Delhi just for the birthday! ❤

(PS. You can meet my brother Here! – he tries to be funny!)

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-20 at 8.30.59 PMWhatsApp Image 2017-05-20 at 8.31.00 PM

Oh Oh! let me show you my birthday gifts!

Mahak wrote an e-book on me and I haven’t stopped showing it off since! 😀 Read here:  Book of Gee

Screenshot 2017-06-01 14.24.07.png
I absolutely loved everything about it!





I love my humans!!!

It was time to leave and go back home and it obviously felt like the day was coming to an end. I was completely clueless of what was waiting for me at home, of course.
So when I reached back, spent some time with Doughnut and was about to change my clothes when my brother came downstairs and kept asking me if I’ve read it yet. I didn’t even know what was he talking about! He brought his laptop and opened to a page with my picture on it that read “Un-stoppable”. It took me a minute to realise what it was:
2017-05-24 13.24.26

My story was featured on one of the coolest media platforms! – Chaaipani
This is what all those questions about work and my pictures was about!
Shruti, the author of this article and also the founder of Chaaipani had read a post I shared on Facebook about the launch of my company and the journey and she wanted to feature it as my birthday gift! She was aware of some of my work and health since we had met and spoken about some stuff. I can’t thank her enough for how nicely she’s written it and for all her support! Since the share, I’ve been getting such amazing and heart warming messages from so many people, it’s unbelievable! I still don’t know how to react to it. It’s also so great and humbling!
If you’re interested to know all about it, you can read it Here!

And this wasn’t it! My family had the biggest thing! They gifted me a Master Class by Diane Von Furstenberg !!!! Can you believe it? Because I still can’t!

So maybe something was supposed to  happen on my 23rd birthday, that it made me nervous and weird about this day. But it all turned out more than amazing! It was a special day. I am blessed to extents I can’t even imagine!

I thank everyone for being a part of it and making it so amazing!!

See you soon 🙂

Psst! There will be a Part 2 – stay tuned! 😉

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