Past, Present and After Life.

This isn’t your typical This-seems-like-a-fun-read book. This is rather a challenging one, but in a good way. A great one actually. In fact, when I had only read a couple of pages, this how I updated my Reading status on Goodreads“I started reading it this morning and realised how difficult a read it’ll be because of what it talks about.
It will challenge everything I’ve been taught as a child, I’ve learnt so far and what I’ve come to believe. Despite my frequent “How is this even possible!” moments, I’m uber keen to understand it, explore and learn more about it.

Let’s see how it goes!”

Here’s the rest of the update: Screenshot 2017-05-09 13.20.00.png

Now, you’ll notice that I took my time reading it. However, I’m a slow reader only and only if I’m uber busy with work (which I was). Also, this book is something that one would devour nice and slowly like a glass of Red Wine – just a holy one – and it would have only the nicest and purist affect.
This book fits one of those “cleansers” category, if you know what I mean.
It is an eye-opener, it throws Light on a world that you may or may not be ready for, that you may or may not believe in.
The author, Echo Bodine, offers you to see this world through eyes.
Now I won’t go typing too much about it because I’ve already spoken about it for about 10 minutes in the video Here . This is the first time I’ve spoken to my laptop’s camera. The only time I spoke to a camera before this was in college where I studied journalism, however that did not help me get over my fear and consciousness of doing so. So, I request you to be nice and promise to get better.

From now on, I’d like to document my reading via videos. I have already been doing so on Goodreads but I’d like videos to be a part of it. I’ve been delaying it due to various silly reasons like not having a proper camera all the time, or being too shy to even try, overly criticising how I talk and sound on camera, etc etc. I’ll improve the quality of both the video and content as and when I start making videos more frequently. So yeah! 🙂
Constructive feedback/criticism is welcome.

Thanks! See you soon 🙂

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