You’ll find a friend in you. 

( inspiration source : internet. )

That’s all there is. Just an image. Nothing more about it in this blog. 
Wondering why? I’ll tell you. 
When I was sketching this, I had some thoughts in head for my next blog post and I wanted this sketch to be the main image. 

This changed when I showed it to some people to ask for their feedback. 
Usually, they tell me where what looks wrong. This line should be curvier, or straighter or the shading doesn’t look right – you know, feedback on my drawing. 

But this time, it was different. And it surprised me. 
Almost all of them, instead of talking about my drawing, expressed their thoughts on how they depicted the sketch. Without being asked to. 

They felt a certain way after seeing the sketch. 

And each of them had a separate answer. A personal answer. 
So that’s what I’ll do here. Just share the sketch and ask you what do you think.
If you’d like to share it with me, please feel free to. You could answer in the comment section or send me a direct message on Instagram @gurveen94. 

You’ll have a friend in me.

Even if you don’t want to tell me about it, it’s absolutely fine. 
But I do ask you to do just one thing. Answer it for yourself and be brutally honest. Embrace what you feel when you see it. 

You’ll find a friend in you. 


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