Day 2.

( This is in continuation of )

A little too much to read in the previous one? Let’s begin this one with some pictures, shall we?
This will be a short one 🙂


Second day stop – Dastkar’s Design Fair.
A friend’s friend recommended this event to me and it sounded something I’d like to be a part of. So we took the opportunity and went there to have a look, meet people and decided if we’d like to do this the next time.
Decision? Yes, we’d love to!

So basically, a lot of creative humans from around the country were here exhibiting their talent and work. And it absolutely warmed my heart to see so many doing such amazing work and working so hard to be out there. Inspired!

Let me show you around, yeah?


Home and Garden decor 


Bonsai Land


Apparel, Accessories, Food and More!


We met some really humble people here. There were women exhibiting their skin care brand, or Vegan & Gluten free food, Sarees and Shawls and what not! Sounds like any other fair but there was something different about this one. It seemed more genuine and less of just a plain commercial set up. When we spoke to the exhibitors, they had a unique enthusiasm in exploring new things. It was just great!

So yeah! Great day. Looking forward to working with some people we met 🙂

And yeah, this is it!

Thank you for reading!

See you in my next one 🙂



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