When I’m not seen sleeping or resting, I’m proving people wrong. All day. Every day.

I’m so excited to write this blog (I have no idea why!) that I removed my keyboard’s silicon pad just so I can hear the click-click throughout this typing journey! There’s something about that sound if you listen carefully, you know. Try it!
Anyway, let’s get into what this blog is really about. This is about my trip to our capital, New Delhi. It’s also about an independent travel story. It’s about how much I love working. About telling people around me that I can. And I did.
It might not seem such a big deal to you if you haven’t remotely been in a situation as similar to mine. If you’ve viewed my “Who Am I” page, and read even a little of it, you know I’m 22 years old right now. But here’s something more about these years of my life. I’ve never really openly said it before, I think, but I’m not a regular 22-year-old.

What’s regular for me, you may ask: My life minus Auto-immune diseases would’ve been regular to me.

No, no! Don’t think I’m complaining or anything like that. I’m honestly not. A lot of times I’ve considered all these problems a blessing in disguise for myself. But, on the contrary, there are times when I can’t help but notice how most people who are healthy enough and have other factors in their favor have things slightly easier for them. A tad bit, if not completely easier.

I can’t remember exactly, but I think it’s been around 14 years or more. I’m not really good at maths so I’m not really sure. But it does feel like it’s been ages since I’ve had my immunity all confused between the good and the bad body cells.
So now that you are a teenie bit familiar with a teenie bit part of my life, imagine a 22-year-old girl with this weird health disorder, wanting to change the world and conquer it in her own way! This, below, is just a very small thing but a pretty big one at the same time (for me atleast.)
It’s 9.15 in the morning. A nice half-sunny-half-cloudy winter day. A friend and I get on our bus to Delhi. This is my first time to travel alone to the capital. My first time alone in a bus. (Why? Because you never know what goes wrong with my health. My parents worry. And I completely understand.) Obviously, I’m excited. I have my entire day planned. My playlist ready (However, I forgot my earphones at home). My book ready (to the rescue! Although a little too heavy for the trip – Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer). The things I want to talk about with my friend? Ready. (This friend and I met only a couple of months back, so at this point of time, we don’t really know much about each other. Other than the facts that we love reading good books, love working hard and are not scared of it, are opinionated, and passionate about the things we love and want to achieve. I don’t meet many like her, so we instantly clicked. And hence the trip) So the hours we spent in this bus (around 5, I guess) were also the “Let’s get to know each other more” segment of the day.
It’s 2.45 in the afternoon. Still, a nice half-sunny-half-cloudy winter day. (Oh, actually, it started to drizzle). My friend and I got out of the bus. We are looking for our car. (Although I cribbed and I cribbed to let me do this independently and manage the commuting myself, my parents decided to get us a car waiting outside the bus station, meant for the entire day. At the end of the day, we realized how grateful we were for this decision. Because- mad traffic.)

Car found. We decided to go to a hotel/cafe or anything that came on our way to the destination so we could freshen up a little and treat ourselves with a cup of coffee. Our destination? Karol Bagh. Because I wanted to hand pick and purchase material needed for my next Shoe collection. Our coffee stop? Connaught Place.

So we get off at Connaught Place and start looking for a nice cafe when my eyes met with this huge stack of books!! And I hold my friend’s hand and make a beeline for it!

(Thanks to this sensible human who accompanied me for reminding me of my budget and not to get distracted by this amazing, heavenly view in front of us!) 

Right next to it, we found this shabby exterior that had a staircase leading to a chic interior. A quaint Italian cafe. Perfect! Coffee was replaced with Virgin Mojitos, Pizza and an oh so amazing Tiramisu! Perfect!

Checked the time and it was around an hour later. We went back to the car and left for Karol Bagh. Now, Delhi traffic? Don’t even ask. Honestly, don’t.

So we reached Karol bagh at around 4. We had to go this specific shop in the same area for the material I wanted. It took us 45 minutes. We were in the traffic – not moving – not an inch – for 45 minutes. And I fell in love with my city, Chandigarh, all over again during that for the peace, the calm and the not-so-crowded roads!
Finally! We manage to find the place and his shop’s a wonderland for a designer. The variety. Range. Colours. Quality. So good! I had the best time shopping there. That’s the only kind of shopping I’ve done in a long time, apart from buying books maybe. And I loved it! I was high on it! I still am.

(Hi. My name is Gurveen Kaur. And I’m a work-a-shop-a-holic.) 
After a good hour there, we checked out the nearby shops for some trims and stuff. Pretty dark outside. After some more shopping, we decided to leave for my Aunt’s place where we were staying the night. We absolutely loved it there! Felt like home. It was good catching up with them after this long. My friend was comfortable. I was happy. Fell in love with their furry freind, Simba! Missed mine! Chatting, dinner, more chatting, tea, more chatting, some work and hit the bed!
My mind before sleep took over :

Do you know how proud I was of myself? Despite the exertion, the pain and other discomforts, not once did I cut short and get back from what I wanted to achieve in this trip. I can now openly and proudly say that when I put my mind to something, there’s no one who can stop me from doing it. Not even myself. For somebody who has a hard time getting out of bed one morning after other due to one reason or the other, I did a good job eh? Pat on my back!

If you’re going through a situation similar to mine or know someone who is – be it any hurdle, health or otherwise – Please keep telling yourself/ or the other person to keep appreciating the small things you’re able to achieve! Appreciate your courage, strength, determination and attitude. I can do it all despite my health and despite the endless problems this society throws at me. Tell me I can’t and I’ll prove you wrong. I love doing that, you know. When I’m not seen sleeping or resting, I’m proving people wrong. All day. Every day. 
Now the next day. Best decision made! .. continued in the next blog, coming soon!
Stay tuned! 🙂

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