“We’re outside a Temple. They might kill us, you know”

So the other day my friends and I got together for the last time(-ish) before all of us went back to being occupied with our respective routines. Later that day, we accompanied a friend and her granddad to a nearby temple.
While she and her grandfather went inside the temple, my other friend and I decided to  take a walk. We started talking about our lives in general and how things have changed since school and college and how all of us are doing our own things and have been extremely busy. I realised we’re doing a good job staying in touch with each other despite that. I’d like to believe that all my friends and I had a lovely December,2016 spending with each other and meeting every second day like we did during our college years. It was great to be with my favourite humans, bidding farewell to 2016 and welcoming 2017. We spoke about how all of us have grown to become pretty decent humans and are lucky enough to have remained on good paths. We spoke about our work lives, and the new people we’ve met, our goals and things we learned.
So while we continued talking about it all and more, I noticed a young couple immersed in their own world and conversation. I couldn’t help but notice a strange worry on their faces yet a sense of relief of being able to spend a moment together. Not that i was trying to eavesdrop or invade their privacy, but it seemed like one of them had to leave for someplace. Was it a long distance relationship or something else, I’m clueless. But they clearly didn’t want to say their goodbyes yet. I know you must be thinking why am I all focused on this unknown couple and not the rest of my day.

When they finally mustered up some courage to say their byes and see you soons.. The guy went ahead to hug the girl. But instead of that hug happening, this is what I heard,  “Don’t hug me here, we’re outside a temple. You know they might beat us up to death.”

And since that day, I can’t seem to forget it or wrap my head around it. This society, this world is just a cruel juxtaposition in so many ways. What she said had such an impact on me, it’s not  easy to explain how I felt exactly. I felt bad, sympathetic, helpless for some reason and a lot of other mixed emotions.
I felt strangely lucky and blessed to be surrounded by people who understand love, who know love, who know how not to judge, who have risen above the frivolous things this society brings us. And I also felt strangely sad and disheartened to realise that there are many who are surrounded by the opposite. Surrounded by hatred and hypocrites.
Temples, our man-made “houses” for “Gods”. Temples, where priests are supposed to spread messages on love and equality and tolerance and all good things.
And this couple feared to be beaten up just because they’d hug. It should’ve been the safest place, don’t you think? I mean, hugs are so innocent and pure and warm. Isn’t that the kind of environment temples should have?
The sad thing is, it’s not hard to believe anymore that they might actually be harmed for a hug.
I mean we live in a society, where honour killings take place in the name of religion and God. Terrorism takes place in the name of God. Same-sex couples, transgenders are killed because some humans don’t think their “God” approves of such things.

Where is this world coming to? What was the purpose of these religions and temples and teachings of God?

eb21a84b9ddfb22c8ce0cfe370c70b18 Pray to God, don’t Play God.

Let’s make this place a better one for atleast the people around us? Let’s do what we can to help others around us with whatever we can? Let’s make people understand what religions are really about and remind them God wants to spread love, happiness and all good things? Let’s please do something about this in whatever capacity we can?


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