It’s not you, it’s me. Or maybe it’s you.

This is not working out. At all. No matter how much I try, I just can’t do this anymore. I mean what do you expect from me, I can’t keep track of where you are. I keep looking for you only to find you in some other room or place lying just anywhere, how can I keep taking care of you. I mean you were supposed to make my life easier and better and help me with work. All you do is the opposite!
It takes just a couple of hours for you to lose your steam. How do I keep you charged! I already have so much to do!
I mean let’s face it, phones were meant to reduce the distance and make this world more reachable. (yes, this is about a phone. I’m ranting about a phone.)  Yeah yeah, it’s a great piece of technology and what not. But think about it.
This great concept called texting or better known as whatsapping now, has it made things better? Because I’m having second thoughts. Earlier (no, I’m not ancient. I’m only 22), when people used to talk using their vocal chords, only two things happened primarily – miscommunication and misunderstanding. Now, dearest texting brings along their allies – misreading and another level of misunderstanding : “your tone was different” or “you seemed rude in your text”
You send a text to a friend, they misread it and boom! Goes your friendship. Ta ta.
(don’t give me those looks, you know it’s happened with you too. You just need to accept it. It’s okay, take your time.)
Then comes the problem of keeping this phone charged. I have to carry a power bank and USB everywhere – with power bank in one pocket attached to my phone in the other. Why isn’t it a fashion statement, yet? Designer USBs, please!
So yeah, I’m tired of it now. Sending emails to work people is fine, but to communicate with your friends and other humans using a phone gets really annoying. For me, atleast.
So tell me, how do you deal with it?

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