If I had just Two Minutes to.. (part 1)

Oh gosh I have been so terribly exhausted, you know. Been going from one place to the other to get work done. It’s a lot of fun and my day becomes pretty eventful like this but it isn’t easy, my friend. Whenever this happens and I get this tired by the end of the day, all I think of is having just two minutes to myself.

That makes me wonder, if I had to do something in just 2 minutes.. what would I do and how would I do it.

So I’d like to start these random series in my blog ( titled as it is with different parts to it ). Let’s start this off with some clothes and dressing up, shall we?

This is what I’d wear given 2 minutes. Black and Gold never gets old!

All Black with Gold


More on my Polyvore account! 🙂

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