Let’s fail once in a while, yeah?

Just answer this one question for me, please? Why are you so scared of failing? Why are you petrified?

How about we begin by stating  dictionary meaning of the word, fail / failure.
” Be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal. or to Be unsuccessful in something “. Now from where I’m sitting and writing this, I don’t see “end of the world” written anywhere in or near that meaning. You can Google it!

So why are we terrified of it? It’s okay! It’s just a word, it’s nothing!

I’ll take that back, actually. It surely is something. It’s something good. Great actually if you think about it. Failure is our key to a better tomorrow, to being a better person. I think it’s prerequisite in life to fail! And maybe more than once. I don’t want to live a life where I haven’t made any mistakes or blunders for that matter. I want a life where I know I’m constantly doing something, excelling at some point but also failing because if I don’t make mistakes and fail there isn’t a chance that I’ll be able to learn.

Now, learning! Learning is beautiful! But it doesn’t come to people who don’t fail. Think about it. Think about the things you’ve done in your life, how you thought that doing a certain thing was the good and the right way to do it, and yet you failed miserably. Think of how it was then that it clicked that there was this one tiny detail you skipped, or you didn’t do it how you should have. Think of how that made you realise what went wrong and when you decided to re-do it, think of how much better you were at it than before! Think of that excitement and that happiness that your heart was filled with! Isn’t it an amazing feeling?

Now once you know that failing is just a step ahead, learn to let others around you fail and get up too. Learn to give them a chance. Help them. Fail and rise and repeat. See, it’s that easy!

I always try to remember this quote I read somewhere, ” Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation. ”
So let’s fail once in a while, yeah?

Work, Take risks, Make mistakes, Fall and Fail, Rise up better and stronger.
And Repeat 🙂

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