The American Dementor. Get your safety pins at the ready!

Not that I am an American citizen or I travel there often, but the fact that Trump is an elected President now is just the saddest news. I know it’s been a while since that happened but I just wanted to write my thoughts on it.

I don’t even know how to address him honestly. I don’t know what to call him. He doesn’t have that aura one has of a president, he isn’t intellectual enough, smart enough, he basically is empty of any good qualities that a person needs to have not only to be on that post but also to be a good person. He isn’t human enough to me either. He’s just a horrible mistake on this earth and a sad sad soul. Or does he even have one?

Now people like Mr. Obama ? ( By the way, using “Mr.” for Trump  does’t come naturally to me) – Charisma, poise, intelligence, compassion, emotions, humanity, respect, I can honestly go on and on. America, if you think electing Trump  will make you great again, you’re in for a ridiculous shock. A shock that’s going to destroy humanity.

I honestly can’t wrap my head around the fact that there actually are people in this so called great and developed country who went ahead and chose that creature to govern them ( sorry, I refuse to call him a human ). What were you thinking? If by great you meant, racism, sexism, religious and cultural intolerance, stupidity, ignorance and hate, congratulations then! You have just the right thing moving into The White House for that!

I never really followed their government or events happening closely or anything, but I am aware of the fact that wherever Mr. Obama  and his family went, there was always some amount of growth and some ripples of progress taking place. There was life and emotions and something so real. Now all I can do is compare Trump to Dementors kissing away the soul from nature. That’s what I imagine America becoming. Dead flesh. A soul sucking Dementor is what he is and he still doesn’t have one.

I, honestly and deeply feel sorry for the smarter part of America who didn’t vote for him. Be strong. Be that safety pin.

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