Blogging about a Satin bomber jacket? What’s wrong with me!

I’ve been looking for the perfect Satin bomber jacket with embroidery! Imagine the obsession if i’m blogging about it!
So I don’t really get the time to go shop or even sit online and do it. Because honestly, ever since i’ve started earning on my own/ set up my own business  – 1. I work 24×7. 2. I’ve realised just how much effort goes into getting your hands on those   rectangular pieces of paper  with Mr. Gandhi’s face on them. It’s not easy, lads. Dearest parents always told us so.
Basically, I’ve become more cautious about where, when and on what to spend my money. I respect it and understand the value. Which in turn means that I want to get my eyes on the most perfect Satin Bomber jacket with embroidery and not just any!
( Also, I spent all my money on my trip to Netherlands so i need to earn a lot more, save more and then be able to spend – but that’s another story.)
I’m not sure when did this obsession start. Maybe it was when I was designing a pair of sandals for one of my clients using Satin and Brocade and the love for satin came back to life. To add on to that, Satin became one of the trendiest fabrics this season. And hence came along satin bomber jackets.
So when I was on Polyvore to keep at styling and learning stuff, I styled this outfit with the jacket and it’s all I want now. The jacket, I mean. Not the entire outfit as is. Because.. You’ll know when you see the designers and price tags. But yeah, the same jacket and a similar outfit.
Having said that, I’m not sure if it’s the one for me. Let’s see, shall we?
Subtle Blushing


Other kinds I liked :


On contrary to the title I’ve given to this post, I think these jackets are vital. They keep us warm, make us look good, satin is a great fabric – strong and feminine, embroidery is a lovely form of art. So yeah 🙂


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