Gluten free choices and a day out with friends

So today was one of the those rare days when I decided to ditch my work for a lunch date with two of my friends. I didn’t feel as guilty because meeting one of them was to discuss work and if teaming up is a wise option for my business (it is and I’m excited about it!). Yup, I’m officially tagging myself as a workaholic now. A happy and a proud one.

Let me take you back to how my day started. I woke up with agonising pain in my stomach, foot and my back – which is pretty much how my days often start. I waited for my body to calm down a little and prepared myself mentally to get out of my bed. Fortunately, I have Doughnut (my four-legged, pure hearted, furry companion) to help me throughout. He takes on the roll of an alarm clock – and does a better job than that noisy invention -sits besides me, waits for my tea to be served so he can be treated with a piece or two of rusk. Cute and clever, right? (Gets that from me, obviously)
All of this followed by the most common routine on this planet – Bathing, brushing teeth, getting ready etc – in whichever suited order.

Since I wanted to get some more rest before lunch, I decided to coordinate with my staff in the factory via phone calls – which continued till around 1. Thank you, technology.

On reaching the mall, the three of us hugged and greeted and expressed how glad we were to finally see each other. The work meeting-cum-reunion went extremely well, complemented by delicious food (Gluten free for me), laughter, conversations and more.

Sadly, I don’t have any images to share since clicking or snapping pictures of food before eating it doesn’t come naturally to me. But here’s a pic of the three of us to remember the day.



Here’s to humans with goals, ambitions, will to work hard and achieve, souls and glasses!

It was an afternoon well spent.

Au revoir et A bientôt !

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