Break some rules!

Humans that are the closest to me, often known as my best buds, are surprised to see me falling in love with fashion. For I’ve been the laziest when it came to shopping and dressing up. You know, one of those laid back, tom boyish sorts – that was me! To be honest, I still am like that but falling in love with my work (footwear designing and styling) has changed me a bit. It has helped me have an eye for styling and designing not just shoes, but apparel and accessories too and has encouraged me to appreciate fashion as a form of art.
I still have a lot to learn and grow in this field!
So recently, I’ve been enjoying Polyvore in my free time – for the sole pleasure of styling designer wear! So you’d see a lot of outfit posts, like the one below, frequently on my blog.You can follow me on Polyvore : Gurveen-Kaur (display name : Gee)

Post : “I’d love, absolutely love to carry an outfit like that! A nice embroidered top with grunge or boyfriend shorts and edgy accessories.”

Break some rules!


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